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United Airlines, Inc. was founded 95 years ago as Varney Air Lines on the 6th of April 1926. The parent company of this Airline is United Airlines Holdings, which is based in Willis Tower, Chicago, Illinois, U.S. In order to serve almost all cities across the United States and to every continent in the world, this airline company maintains an expansive domestic and international flight schedule that operates from a variety of locations such as Houston, Washington, Denver, Virginia, Chicago, Las Vegas, etc. It is estimated that this airline company has eight major hubs in the United States, the busiest of which is Chicago-O’Hare based on passenger traffic and the number of flights departing. Moreover, with the highest number of passengers carried, this airline is ranked third in the world.

Career Opportunities in United Airlines

Those seeking to gain experience in the airline industry will find United Airlines Jobs to be a rewarding experience. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to be successful in this company, and that can be one of the most challenging aspects about working there. There are some really good benefits though that seem to come with the job for those who work there. These benefits include discounted tickets for traveling, paid time off, 401K plan, bonuses, health insurance, wellness programs, social clubs, professional development, and many more. Moreover, the company offers a fantastic working environment for its employees where they have a chance to learn new things and grow as a team. We have posted all the current positions that this company has to offer. These positions include Flight Dispatcher, Flight Attendants, Cabin Crew, Air Hostesses, Stewardesses, Customer Service Representatives, Avionics Technicians, and many more.

Below is a list of United Airlines Jobs that you can choose from based on your career interests.

United Airlines Jobs for Aircraft Maintenance Technician

United Airlines Careers

Job Description: Responsible for the supervision and coordination of all maintenance functions on shift at the assigned location ensuring these activities are performed in a safe manner in accordance with schedule requirements and in compliance with all established Company, regulatory …

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